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YOOtheme is a well-known template and extension provider for Joomla and WordPress who helps you to create professional websites. But to make your website or interface design a real eye-catcher we had one thing missing: Icons! Icons are an essential tool to simplify user interfaces and today almost every major website uses icons to highlight important parts in their content.

This is why we created a great resource of beautiful and handcrafted icons for web and print projects. We got commercial icon sets including e-commerce, community, file and folder icons and many more as well as many freebies.

As a member of our icon club you will get access to hundreds of handcrafted and detailed icons. New icon sets are added continuously!

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Club Icons

  • Pixel perfect design
  • PNGs in 8 sizes from 16×16 to 512×512 pixels
  • Handmade and optimized for each size
  • Scalable vector sources
  • Change the colors and customize easily
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